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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Are You Really Happy With Your Penis Size? Some say size does not matter, but deep within them they know it does. I know you regret those moments when you wanted to have sex and your partner was shocked to see how small your penis is. What about those times your partner cheated on you because she found someone else that could satisfy her with his big penis, or even those moments your partner denied you sex all because she is tired of your small size penis that cannot give her enjoyment she needs. Also recall those times you could not bath in present of other guys because you were ashamed of your penis size. How long do you want to live this way?

Increase your penis size (length and girth) naturally, the size of your erection and stop quick ejaculation today.

* 96% of women say they would like their partner to have a larger penis.

* According to the New Durex Global Sex Survey, most women pretend to be happy with the size of the penis of their partners while they seek satisfaction elsewhere.

* Majority of women fake their orgasm just to keep the relationship. Are you truly making your partner happy? It is sad that your partner may be searching for another sex partner without you knowing.

* 6 out of 10 long-term relationship breakups report that sexual problems were major contributory factor! Do not let your partner leave before you take action.

* Most men cannot have full sex for more than 3 minutes without ejaculating. Do you think that is actually long enough to satisfy your partner? NO!

* Over 100 million men suffer from impotence at some time in their lives!

How does this penis enlargement supplement work? There are three chambers in the penis; the two larger cylinders above called Corpora Cavernosa and a small one under known as Corpora Spongoisum. All the three chambers are filled up with blood when erection occurs and Corpora Cavernosa holds about 91% of all the blood in the erected penis, while the Corpora Spongiosum is mainly for excretion. The Corpora Cavernosa is responsible for the penis length and width as these will fill with blood when the penis rises, causing expansion and hardness. Therefore, the ability and capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa to fill with blood when the penis rises determines the size of the penis. Then it is clinically proven through series of tests that the penile tissue of the Corpora Cavernosa will permanently expand and increase in capacity and function more effectively when exposed to specific NATURAL ingredients. Thereby resulting to increase in size of the penis.

Our Supplement and Cream is developed with the highest quality of 100% NATURAL ingredient blended to increase the size of your penis (length & girth), improve your erection quality and enhance your overall confidence in the bedroom and sexual performance. In fact, our customers says that their partner started to give them more respect and better treatment they've not had for years after using these combinations. With a 98.6% satisfaction rate, users have recommended our supplements and cream repeatedly. We promise increased penis size, enhanced erection, sexual stamina and more intense orgasms. Good enlargement penis sized (please note we cannot promise to make your penis the size of a skyscraper; but about 2 to 3 inches you know what we mean). Our clients also say that their new larger, thicker and healthier feeling penis has directly improved their sex-lives.

Please take note now...This supplement and cream is ONLY for those men who SERIOUSLY want to enlarge their penis and have long lasting erection. If you are NOT serious about penis enlargement and strong erection then you must leave now. Our products are NOT some miracle growth program full of false promises that others may try to present to you out there. It is real; only patiently follow the instructions in the leaflet and use the combination consistently you will certainly see astonishing result. Our natural penis enlargement products will increase the size of your penis PERMANENTLY. It will restore your confidence around both men and women, and creating that amazing ''lover boy lifestyle'' you always wanted. However, you must be prepared to put in a little amount of patient like period of one month or two. What makes our natural penis supplement and cream different is that it is NON-TOXIC, NO CHEMICAL, but MILD HERBAL SOLUTION. You will find this exclusive combination of vitamin supplements helpful to that problem. We are here to help you gain that extra length, width and overall penis size and we will do so at all cost! You are going to change your life getting a better, fuller size of your penis. This will work for you. We can only promise that if you try it, and you are not happy, in any way, we will refund your money in full! Bigger penis size, harder erection, so long and strong that if she closes her eyes, she will not know it is the usual THING. You will have hard erections on demand and become erect whenever you want to (regardless of age). You will be able to have multiple orgasms and even learn to separate your ejaculation from your orgasm, enabling you to carry on for hours.

Common Questions:

*Is it safe? VERY SAFE AND MILD, NO AFTER EFFECT, NO CHEMICAL REACTION. Nevertheless, if you have health challenges that affect your testicles or defect in response to testosterone, it will only give very little result.

*How long will it take to see result? I have to tell you the truth, this is not some kind of magic you may hear out there, you MUST constantly administer this combinations for period of two months, for you to see result. In addition, a complete dose will serve you for three months, by this period you will witness the size of your penis both the length and the girth. Please when you see the desired results refer others to us.

We received testimonies from people who saved their marriages and from reunited relationships that was separated due to size and erection problem. Call now to place order for your penis enlargement, quick ejaculation and weak erection solution, a combination of effective vitamins supplement cream right now. We can as well make it private as you may wish to be discreet about it.

Remember you cannot equate the embarrassment and the problem with the price of these carefully blended supplement and cream. Any other alternative is obviously dangerous and outrageously expensive.

Bonanza Prices

N19,000 ($112) for 1 month dose.

N35,000 ($206) for 2 months dose.

N46,000 ($271) for 3 months dose.

N71,000 ($418) for months dose.

N122,000 ($718) for 12 months dose.


We also ship to distributors and retailers.

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We send the products through courier services to you in 24hrs after payment is confirmed, Just give us the trust we won’t fail you, for continuity is what we look forward to, as you will refer others to us.

You can as well visit our office at; Suit 50 Shopping Complex, Calabar Road, Calabar, Cross Rivers State.

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